A – NEW LIFE: Your First Day Chiropractic

First Day

  • 10  minute 250 Patient Diagnostic Questionnaire lets the Doctor know what direction your health is headed and what questions to ask in the Consultation.
  • Consultation with the Doctor.
  • Thorough examination.
  • 2 sets of X-rays: Basic: 4 views Cervical Spine & 3 views of the Lumbar Spine with expert measurements. (X-rays of areas for  specific condtions and diagnoses are considered an extra cost.)

Second Day

  • 2 Computerized Scans of your spine letting us know where there is Soft Tissue damage and Nerve damage. These are the SAME scans used by The Mayo Clinic, The Swedish Pain Institute, the University of California Irvine and several Chiropractic colleges. Coloured printouts of the Scans and a printout explanation for you to take home.
  • Report of Findings of your X-rays with the Doctor. It is at this point the Doctor will let you know if he can help you or not with your condition.
  • Adjustment if you decide you want to start with treatment at this point.

Cost: Day 1 and 2 = $257.00. *Adjustment not included. The services provided on Days 1 and 2 would cost over $1,200.00 at a medical clinic or hospital — with NO measurements on the X-rays. The X-rays alone would be $700.00. *We keep the price low so you spend most of your money on treatment, not on the work-up. HOWEVER, we still insist on doing the excellent and proper work-up.

Cost for Adjustments: $55.00. $5.00 more if you require physical therapy. We have payment plans and Treatment Plans that significantly reduce the cost per visit.


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