We at NEW LIFE are dedicated to Preventing disease before it happens. This way, we are not only enhancing people’s lives however, we are helping to heal the Health Care System of the United States which is in dire need of help.

We are doing our part to help along our Beloved Country, The United States of America.

Health Care costs are sky high. How much money will now be saved  by prevention? How much pain, suffering, absenteeism from work will be eliminated? Corporations pass health care and absenteeism costs onto the consumer in their product prices. If Health Care across the entire nation were based on Prevention Model, There would be savings to everyone via stopping product price increases. Time & life are wasted by dealing with debilitating health conditions — all these would be eliminated and avoided by Prevention.

Prevention here at NEW LIFE gets down to the Cause of discomforts and diseases and disease processes. We do not cover up the symptoms with medications from drugs with devastating side-effects. You just do NOT want the “symptoms” to go away. Covering up the symptoms is like putting a piece of black tape over the red light on your dashboard. You KNOW there is a problem, only you masked it…only to discover a bigger, huge problem down the road…it is coming, it is inevitable. Do you think a doctor or clinic who gives you drugs to mask a problem is doing you a favour? Especially when a serious health issue pops up 18 months later and you wonder where did that come from…not putting 2 + 2 together. That is not doing you any favours!

I find that the typical allopathic model – clinic – sees your pain or your blood / urine lab results and sees a problem and they say: “Well, we see smoke in the garage, let us keep an eye on it” And then, when the fire is in the living room and master bedroom and bath, they intervene. Would not it make sense to stamp out the fire before serious damage to your organs, heart, liver and joints occur?

In the corporate world, it has been shown that for every $1.00 spent on prevention in health care gives a $4.50 – $7.50 return on investment in productivity.

So, How the heck are we here at NEW LIFE going to get people out of their comfort zone and believing that medication and merely no symptoms (mask the pain / problem) are the way to live their lives? Education. At our Dinner Workshops. See “Dinner Workshops” page. (Page in Construction. Keep checking — soon).

For us here at NEW LIFE, Success is not just reaching a goal for a patient. It’s feeling in us so incredibly ALIVE while pursuing that goal… feeling so good about what we are doing for people, knowing that this is going to literally change their lives.

This is our goal here at this office. To help those who have lost their health. And we help them with Holistic (Natural) methods — without devastating side effects of drugs and surgery. And to prevent and stop in its tracks, disease processes, when we see them early on — that may devastate the quality of people’s personal lives and cost them untold amounts of money & loss of the quality of their lives. This is success — to do what you want and love to do whether it is playing cards, golf or playing with your grandkids on the floor — all without pain. Active, Vital and Alive.


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