NEW LIFE CARE versus Medical Treatment

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1. Nerve and Natural Blood Based Care.

2. Corrects Causes.

3. Offers Health and Preventive Care.

4. Prescribes Natural Supplements and makes Adjustments to remove Bones Out of Place crushing Soft Nerves –>  Takes pressure off of the nerves so they do not spasm the arteries –> Opens arteries up –> Increasing blood flow to the organs.  –> Increased Nutrients and Oxygen to organs.

5.  Sees Whole Person.      

6. Produces Positive Effects.

7. Helps Resist Germs.

8. Revives Organs.

9. Natural.

10. Safe.



1. Blood based only.

2. Treats symptoms.

3. Renders sickness care.

4. Prescribes drugs.

5. Sees body as parts.

6. Causes Side-Effects.

7. Threatened by germs.

8. Removes organs after it is too late due to no prevention and damaging drugs.

9. Artificial.

10. Risky.





So…You Want Good Health?

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Want Good Health? Think Spine

 I hear all the time about patients saying they want to come in and make sure their “Back Feels Good”. This is fine, HOWEVER, are you aware that your precious, precious spinal cord lies inside of this spine for protection and without it you could not live for a nanosecond? Yes – Consider this:

 You Can Live:

  • 3 weeks without food.
  • 3 days without water.
  • 3 minutes without air.
  • BUT you cannot not live 3 nanoseconds without the spinal cord going to EVERYTHING, heart and lungs, etc. IF, you cut the spinal cord off – you fall to the ground instantly, dead. Still think Chiropractic is a “neck-back feel-good thingy?”

 Yes, we all like to ‘feel good” with no aches and pains………….however you must, must, must realize the importance of your spinal cord connected to your brain which “Directs Traffic” to all organs, all joints.

 Your spine is just not in your body hanging out there dangling in space inside you all by itself just so “You can stand up straight”.

 The spinal cord is protected INSIDE of the bones of the spine FOR A REASON. Creator put it in there because it is delicate and precious and can be injured easily. You must care for it.

  •  Do you realize that if the nerves going to your lungs are being crushed by Bones Out of Place in your neck and mid-back – you now cannot take a full deep breath?
  • Do you realize that your ability to live a long life is directly proportional to your ability to take a dep breath?
  • Shallow breath = Short Life.
  • Deep Breath = Long Life.

 This is just one example. Your organs need electricity and blood flow to function. The nerves control blood flow by opening or constricting the blood vessels. IF the nerves, which are the consistency of cooked spaghetti, are being crushed by a “Bone Out of Place” in the spine somewhere – the first thing that happens is spasm of that blood vessel – constriction = less blood to the organ. 

 So…why am I telling you this? Because I feel the WORST thing that the medical establishment has done to you over the last 100 years is make you believe (“Make Believe”) that everything is separate in your body, nothing depends on another, when the opposite is the TruthEverything is Connected.

 Yes, your blood is important and we deal with that here at NEW LIFE – natural treatment via lab tests, just like anywhere else. However, my dear friends — you cannot ignore the OTHER primary factor of your health – your electrical system! My goodness, who did that to you? Who made you “Make believe” that way?

It is a shame, a crime, a criminal act to sell you drugs with devastating side-effects FOR EVERYTHIG. Drugs belong in the emergency room – ONLY!

You CANNOT have a high-performance race car with a rusty electrical system. Folks, “It just ain’t gonna happen”.

For….as you will see in my upcoming Newsletter, the truth about you is thus: 

“You Are a Bio-Electric Sensing Machine”.

 P.S. Stay Well, Adjusted, Balance Your Blood Naturally and Keep in Touch

 Dr. Melville

Survive The Downturn

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Stress & Anxiety have made people more susceptible to heart disease, Diabetes & other serious health threats. Here is how you can fight back.

The urgency of a downturn may, in fact, be the best opportunity to adopt changes that will pay off even more when things turn up again.

 Bernie Thompson: (Software Engineering) “Get Lean to Survive the Downturn.” —  Focus on priorities during a downturn and basically that the right things to do before are the right things to do now.

…to steer the corporate ship to account for the increased external risk and uncertainty:

  1. Re-prioritize to focus on the highest probability, nearest term revenue opportunities.
  2. Cut spending to preserve cash.
  3. Look carefully for unique opportunities in the surrounding turmoil.

 Now is a great time to continue to improve how you operate and to re-invest in the future. Sure, increase focus and tighten up on discretionary spending (both are part of being lean,) but keep delivering the fundamentals while improving on the key differentiators. And stay on the look-out for opportunities that may only be available in these more unsettled times. Oh, and don’t forget to surround yourself with positive people and turn off CNBC. Let’s stop the prophecy in its tracks. I’m not sure the downturn has to affect the broader economy like it did Wall Street. Get out there and keep improving.”

From “The Diamond Principles” — “The real truth of it is that many businesses panic in a recession. The pressure is tough, and lots of business owners stop selling, they slow down and basically retreat into the downturn. This ebook will show you how to implement my proven strategies – you’ll confidently recession proof your business and ride out the downturn.”

“Coal face case studies to recession proof your business & survive a downturn really helped me to stop panicking and now my company is strong again”
S. Croasdale, Swan Logisitics.

Denton uses real case studies and real experience to clearly explain how you can start surviving. This unique insight makes this first Diamond Principles ebook unmissable. Reading this ebook you’ll learn to make hard tough choices easily, you’ll realise you are not alone, you’ll develop your management and personal skills and recession proof your business.

When you buy this ebook, you’ll also receive two mini ebooks completely FREE. Contact them at

Coconut Oils: A Potentially Dangerous Source of Fat

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In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in coconut oil as a health-promoting food and medicinal supplement. Some of the health benefits of coconut oil touted by various suppliers include stress relief, maintaining cholesterol levels, treatment of Candida, Pancreatitis, Weight Loss; Increased Immunity; proper digestion & metabolism; relief from kidney problems; heart disease; high blood pressure; diabetes; cancer and even HIV;  improved dental care and bone strength.

Unfortunately, none of these claims have been substantiated by human clinical trails and in my opinion, are largely misleading.

A bigger concern is the regular use of coconut oil may actually promote deleterious health effects, especially in regard to cardiovascular disease.

Coconut oil and Cardiovascular Disease…A Connection?

There have been no formal studies that address lipid changes concerning coconut oil. HOWEVER, there is strong indirect evidence that coconut oil will raise blood cholesterol levels and increase risk of thrombogenic (causing strokes) conditions (e.g., deep-vein thrombosis, myocardial infarction, ischemic stroke and transient ischemic attacks — these all mean clogging up of the veins and arteries so blood cannot get to the organ tissues and at times completely blocks blood off and a part of a tissue dies permanently and this causes ill-health or a stroke.). Coconut oil is extremely high in lauric acid and this is a very strong promoter of LDL cholesterol in your blood. This is the bad cholesterol. Individuals using coconut oil do not realize that more than half of coconut oil consists of the saturated fat lauric acid.

Coconut oil ALSO has other well established cholesterol-raising saturated fats (myristic, palmitic). Of all the fatty acids in coconut oil , about 75% of them, are saturated fats. that are well documented to increase blood levels of total and LDL cholesterol.


There is no inherent need for the body to have saturated fat. This has been documented by Dr. William Castelli, the medical director of the Framingham Heart Study and Dr. Dean Ornish. They said that the lower one’s total saturated fat intake is, the better off you are.

Stay Well adjusted, Eat More Vegetables and Keep in Touch.  

Sincerely, Dr. Melville

The Swine Flu

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What is the Flu?

Influenza is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses. the most common symptoms are: fever, headache, fatigue, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose and body aches as well as diarrhea and vomiting. The flu can cause complications such as pneumonia or dehydration and may aggravate existing conditions like asthma and heart disease. It is spread form person to person in respiratory droplets when people who are infected, cough or sneeze. 


What is the Flu Shot?

The flu shot is inactivated vaccine containing killed or stunned virus that is given with a needle, usually in the arm. The flu shot has been approved for use in people older than 6 months of age, including healthy people and people with chronic medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease.

What the CDC does not tell you

There are OTHER ingredients in the shot. included but not limited to the following:

  1. Ethylene Glycol — antifreeze.
  2. Phenol – a disinfectant and a dye.
  3. Formaldehyde – a known carcinogen (cancer – causing agent).
  4. Aluminum – associated with Alzheimer’s disease, Seizures, and has produced cancer in laboratory mice and is still being used as an additive.
  5. Thimersol – Mercury disinfectant / preservative that can result in brain injury and autoimmune disease.
  6. Neomycin and Streptomycin – used as antibiotics and have been known to cause allergic reactions in some people.

What are the Potential Side Effects of the Flu Shot?

There are always side effects to any flu shot. The CDC and other Health Care Organizations would have you overlook them for the supposed benefit of being inoculated. However, it is important to be at least familiar with these potential side effects.

Minor side effects but not limited to, are: soreness, redness or swelling at the injection site, low-grade fever, and other aches and pains.  

Severe Life Threatening Complications Side effects are  Allergic Reaction. Since the vaccine is grown in eggs, it is more dangerous to those who have had other reactions to vaccines.  These reactions can be: breathing problems, hoarseness or wheezing, hives, paleness, weakness, fast heartbeat, dizziness. The CDC advises that those who have had these reactions in the past do not take the vaccine and consult their health care professional.

Another more severe side effect is: Guillian-Barre Syndrome. This is a disease where the body damages its own nerve cells.resulting in muscle weakness and sometimes paralysis. While most people eventually recover, some people have permanent nerve damage. And 5-6% of those who contract GBS will die.

The American Academy of Paediatrics Warns:

The AAP guidelines for patients should not be vaccinated with the flu shot or nasal spray if any of the following applies:

  1. less than 6 months of age (shot).
  2. Less than 5 or older than 49 (spray).
  3. Moderate to severe febrile (fever) illness (both).
  4. History of Guillian-Barre Syndrome (both).
  5. Hypersensitivity, including anaphylaxis, to eggs, to any influenza vaccine dose or to any of its components (both).
  6. Asthma. reactive airway disease, chronic disorders of the lungs or cardiovascular diseases / systems (nasal spray).
  7. Any underlying / pre-existing medical conditions including but not limited to metabolic diseases such as diabetes, renal dysfunction and hemoglobin pathologies (nasal spray).
  8. Received other live vaccines within the past 4 weeks (nasal spray).
  9. Known or suspected Immune Deficiency Disease, or receiving Immuno-Suppressive therapies (nasal spray).
  10. Take aspirin (nasal spray).

Are The Side-Effects Worth It?

It is wise to weigh those risks with those of the flu. The CDC talks about the benefits of being vaccinated, but are those benefits backed up with the facts?  The vaccine is always changing because the flu strains change from one year to the next. (The Swine Flu is one such variation). The manufacturers of the vaccine take a shot in the dark and hope they will; hit the right strain each year.

Dean Burich, a clinical epidemiologist and professor at the school of public health at the University of Alberta, Canada recently reported that over the last 20 years, in the United States, vaccination rates among the elderly have increased from 15% to a whopping 65%. Yet hospital admissions and death rates from all causes have not declined proportionately over that time period.

Only about 10% of Winter time deaths in the United States are attributed to influenza thus to suggest that the vaccine can cut 50% of deaths from all causes is implausible in our opinion” Burich said.

Another study on the efficacy of the flu shot, this one conducted by Sumit Manjumdar, M.D., reached about the same conclusion. According to Dr. Manjumdar, the real benefit of the flu shot is “reduced to a statistically non-significant level of 19%.”

What About Flu Complications?

The CDC is very effective in communicating to the lay person that if they are proactive and vaccinate against the flu, it will help avoid the dangerous complications form the flu, such as pneumonia, but recent studies are DEBUNKING (emphasis mine) that theory. A recent article published in the Lancet suggests the flu vaccine is having LITTLE OR NO EFFECT (emphasis mine) on the number of elderly people who are developing pneumonia each year and a recent study held by Michael Jackson, M.D., of the Seattle-based group Health Center for Health Studies, that compared 1,173 pneumonia patients between the ages of 65 and 94 who had been vaccinated with 2,346 people who had not, determined that the risk of contracting the lung disease was not reduced in people who received the shot.

As Simple As Practicing Good Health Habits?

The CDC and the AAP (and probably your Mom when you were growing up) all advocate simple health habits to prevent the spread of illnesses like the flu. Take these following steps to decrease your risk:

1) Stay Well-Adjusted. A high percentage of people who survived the 1918 flu epidemic where millions died, were eating garlic and getting Upper Cervical Adjustments. This bolsters all organ systems and your immune system.

2) Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough/sneeze; throw the used tissue away.

3) Wash your hands OFTEN with soap & water as soon as possible after coughing and sneezing.

4) Keep yourself and any babies and children in your care away from people who are coughing or sneezing.

5) Attempt to not touch your eyes, nose and mouth.

6) Keep 2 bottles of Colloidal Siver on hand at all times.

7) Purchase 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. Call our office 909-337-2507 for instruction sheet.

8) Boost the Immune System. More on this later.