A – Our Approach

  • Old Doctor Approach to Chiropractic: Tried & True, measurments on X-rays do not lie. We figure out your unique Spinal Blueprint that indicates the traumas you incurred since birth. These “bones out of place” are yours and yours alone. Your bones went out of place in a highly specific direction and got stuck there. How can you apply a “One size fits all” technique to everybody? You CANNOT! We tailor your treatment protocol unique to you and no one else and we follow this Blueprint EVERY time you come in for an office visit. THIS is what separates us from all other Chiropractic Offices.
  • Spinal Measurements: Made on the pelvis all the way up to the neck. Everything is cionnected and we leave no stone unturned. We adust the hard bones that are out of place, crushing soft nerves which are the consistency of cooked spaghetti,  set them in their right place properly via measurements, take the pressure off of the soft nerves and clear you out completely from “Head to Toe” so there is NO interference or pressure on your spinal cord ANYWHERE.
  • A Thermal scan of your neck is performed at every office visit with a printout graph, using the “Neurocalometer & Analagraph” machine. It is 10x more senitive than my hands and assures that the doctor does not miss something in your treatment protocol that day. Just taking it to another level.
  • Holisitc Internal Disorders: Just as measurements on X-rays do not lie, numbers on Blood Lab Tests do not either. And that is the only way to assess your health — by tracking the numbers.
  • Bioclinical Nutrition: Complete nutritional workup tailored to your needs based on a 250 Patient Diagnostic Questionnaire.
  • Our Lab Tests: Our standards and lab ranges are more strict than the medical model. We take no chances. You get a lab on day one, day 60 and day 120. The four month program entails high doses of Pharmaceutical Grade supplements and we check the numbers at 60 & 120 days with follow-up labs, adjusting the doses if necessary. At the end of 4 months (12 months for cancer patients), you go on a maintenance dose to keep your blood balanced and make sure this condition never happens again.
  • The Big Picture: Basically, our approach is this: We are NOT going to tear apart your $60,000.00 Mercedes Transmission until we have checked the air in the tires and checked the water & oil. THIS would be wasting your time and money. We do not go way out in left field with expensive tests and procedures — first. Let us check the basics of health first — proper alignment via measurements and basic sensible lab number results. Scientific Analysis. Measurements on X-rays and Numbers on Lab Tests do not lie, so lets us make things normal in you body FIRST and then go from there. Let us take the pressure / interference off of the Electrical System (Spinal Cord) and Balance the Chemical System (Blood) and THEN we’ll see how she runs. For these are the Two Major systems that control your body.  Make sense?

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