Low Back Pain and Subluxation

 Subluxation means a vertebral joint of the spine is out of its normal position. It means “Bone Out of Place” crushing a Soft Nerve which is the consistency of cooked spaghetti = No Contest. It’s the same as a sprain because the ligaments are stretched when this occurs. But how does a joint get out of its normal position? Usually, the culprit is some sort of trauma but not necessarily at the level of a high fall or a major car accident (although these trauma do cause problems). 

Four Causes of Subluxations: Gravity, Stress, Toxins and Traumas. 

Toxins: Environmental and Food Allergies. We have at NEW LIFE the best Food Allergy testing in the world, presently. 175 Foods and if you are a Vegetarian, 145 Foods tested. This is a Life-Changing event. High energy and perofrmance, enhanced immune system, snuiffles, Arthritis, Immediate weight loss, Hemmorhoids, Dark Circles under the eyes, Headaches resolutions are the Hallmark of the Food Allergy testing as well as ADD / ADHD resolution. Olympic Athletes are doing this test. This is an $1,900.00 test and we charge only $987.00.  $807.00 for Vegetarians. We found out where the M.D.’s who were selling this to us for $1,000.00 for 100 foods and passed the savings on to you. 

Many times, the spine is injured because it is more vulnerable in awkward positions, such as when we bend forward and add a little twist to a lift. Perhaps it’s putting a baby seat into the back seat, or pulling weeds in the garden. 

For many patients, it’s life’s trips and tumbles as a child that set the stage for a problem years later. We can all remember how we thought our spines were once invincible. The reality is something much less. Those jumps from the rooftop did have a consequence. 

That small sprain of the ligaments did just enough to make the joints function abnormally. Over time the muscles adapt and our movements become less even. Then some twenty years later, a simple sneeze or less throws our back out. Some patients get back pain when they are under work stress or have to sit for long periods of time. 

The important thing is to get subluxations reduced or corrected. The adjustments we perform at the clinic are meant to align the spine and make the movements of spine symmetrical from side to side. This tends to reduce the tensions on ligaments and muscles, and most importantly, makes you feel better. 

When your spine moves normally, you may have less pain when you exercise or move the spine in a stressful way. We can’t make the ligaments perfect, there will always be scar tissue, but we can optimize your life and improve its quality. For many, just working without constant pain can be a real lifesaver. Many patients find their moods improve and they cannot wait to return to the sports or hobbies they once did. This is true wellness, healing not just the body but also the mind. Being in chronic pain is not much fun. While drugs can help many people and get them out of excruciating pain, they do have their limitations. Chiropractic can be a drug-free and natural alternative for health. 



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