A – Internal Disorders


Preventive Medicine

Diagnosis * Nutrition * Allergies

Palmer Chiropractic Method


  • Internal Disorders
  • Environmental Allergies
  • Bioclinical Nutrition

Our Internal Disorder protocols are the same work-up you would receive at a medical clinic or hospital only more detailed. Our lab values for health assessment are more strict, therefore more demanding also, so we bring you into a more healthy range, more to perfection.

Typical Procedure:

  1. 250 Patient Diagnostic Questionnaire. It takes 10 minutes. You merely check off the health issues that apply to you.
  2. Consultation with the Doctor. This is thorough and takes time, we want to listen to what is going on, this will point us in the right direction.
  3. Thorough basic examination with further tests scheduled.
  4. After talking to you in the Consultation, a basic series of labs is ordered which gives us about 40 tests that gives us a good picture of what is going on inside of you. Plus — additional tests are ordered tailored to what the Consultation revealed.
  5. After the labs come back, a 4 month program Natural Prescriptions are given tailored exactly to your diagnoses, usually at high doses.
  6. A follow-up lab is performed at 60 and 120 days to check the numbers, see how you are doing and adjust the presscription if necessary.
  7. After 4 months, the condition is usually cleared up, and we have brought your body into Homeostasis — blood balanced out and healthy. It is at this point the large doses of natural prescriptions ends and you go on a life-long maintenance dose.
  8.  With Dietary and Lifestyle changes (that caused this condition to begin with)  + the maintenance doses of natural supplements that your body needs to be healthy, we make sure that this condition never occurs again.
  9. Yes, in the 4 month period, there usually is a lot of pills to take. But, no pills — no successful treatment. AND there is no devastating side-effects from drugs. No damage to kidneys. No damage to liver.
  10. Cancer patients are on a 1 year program.

We have patients from New Zealand, Canada, Palm Springs


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