High Cholesterol & Statins

What you know: 
The cardioprotective (heart), cytoprotective (cells), and neuroprotective (nerves) potential of CoQ10 has been well researched and discussed. Deficiencies of CoQ10 are believed, at least in part, to be involved in some of the side effects of statin drugs. Animal and human data suggest that statin drugs impair energy metabolism. Dr. Melville recommends from the accumulated evidence that CoQ10 therapy should be given during statin therapy. Package inserts and marketing do not mention the statins-CoQ10 link. 

Statins were thought to be effective drugs for lowering cholesterol. The 6 statin drugs approved by the U.S. FDA were introduced between 1987 and 1997. Published data suggest that statins can cause myopathies and rhabdomyolysis (rapid breakdown of muscle tissue) with renal failure (kidney), and in May 2000, the FDA warned about liver failure with regard to statin drugs. Estimates suggest that the drugs may cause liver and muscle injury in up to 1% of users, which equals 130,000 individuals with liver and muscle toxicity problems in the U.S. Statins have been associated with the increased incidence of cataracts, neoplasia (beginnings of cancer), peripheral neuropathies (nerve damage in the extremities) and some psychiatric disturbances. It has been estimated that as many as 26 million Americans qualify for long-term cholesterol-lowering therapy. In 2000, sales of cholesterol-reducing agents topped $9 billion – up almost 25% from the previous year. Overall, sales of cholesterol- and triglyceride-reducing drugs reached $15.9 billion.    What you didn’t know:     

 It is noted that two U.S. patents, filed in January and February of 1989 and granted in 1990, describe a method for counteracting statin-associated myopathy (muscle diseases) and potential liver damage by concurrent administration of the statins with CoQ10. Both of these patents were assigned to Merck & Co. For more than 12 years, the producers of statins did not act upon this information and failed to reveal the statins-CoQ10 relation to millions of statin users and to the medical community. It has been noted that drug manufacturers spend twice as much on advertising to promote their products compared with research and development. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy 56(2002): 56-59    

Rapid breakdown of muscle tissue in the spine makes the spine unstable and leads to Subluxations (Hard bone out of place crushing a Soft Nerve that is the consistency of cooked spaghetti) is the beiginnig of ill health for the entire body because this is the foundation of health. You cannot have health with interference of the spinal cord and brain signals. The brain cannot communicate with the rest of the body to give it directions. You cannot have a high-performance race car, which the body is, with a rusty electrical system. You are compromised right from the get-go.   

Why not try the following to lower cholesterol: Eat a diet rich in the Omega-3’s and marine oil, L-carnitine, niacin, magnesium, and also check the thyroid for thyroxine. Exercise and follow a diet rich in grains, fruits, and vegetables. Stop eating beef, pork and chicken (most people do not realize how much saturated fat there is in chicken. Chicken can be up to 1/3 fat.). Get yearly check-ups with blood-work and Natural Treatments to correct High Cholesterol. It is very easily corrected and controlled naturally. It is not widespread knowledge because nobody has ever told you is why you do not know. We do it here at NEW LIFE all the time.      

























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