Health: Your Mind-Body Connection = YOUR LIFELINE

The mind-body connection is at the core of the Wellness movement in society today. Understanding how this system functions and maintains its integrity will help you and your family be as healthy as possible.

Your brain communicates with every cell, tissue and organ of your body either directly or indirectly through your nervous system. Unfortunately, we do not appreciate the importance and impact of this system on our overall health until we hear of the tragedies of paralyzed people who sustain serious injuries to their spines. Not only do they lose function of their limbs, but their organs and systems malfunction also, causing all manner of disease.

Spinal injuries, known as Subluxations* , while not as serious as serious as these paralytic injuries, initially, can cause severe long-term health consequences.

* Subkluxations: A Hard Bone out of place crushing a Soft Nerve.

** Nerves are the consistency of cooked spaghetti.

Palmer Chiropractic Method Care will help you ensure the integrity of this vital system to the nth degree, for with this method, you are balance out and corrected perfectly everytime you come in — there is no guesswork. Your mind-body connection, this vital system, is preserved and you and your family can live and enjoy life to its fullest.

While there are no guarantees that you and your family will never be sick or injured while under Chiropractic Care and Holistic Internal Disorders, you CAN be sure that with proper alignment, which is the foundation of health, and excellent function of your spine and immune system and nervous system you will give yourself and your family the best opportunity to heal quickly and be as healthy as possible. Palmer Chiroprtactic Method is safe, gentle and enormously effective, and most people, regardless of their age look forward to, enjoy, and value their Palmer Chiropractic and Holistic Care.



  • Internal Disorders
  • Bioclinical Nutrition
  • Environmental Allergies  

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