Family: Keep Your Family Healthy Through Every Stage of Growth and Development!

Healthy Choices Today Ensure …A Healthy Life Tomorrow!

Where Health Comes From

Life is a miracle and so are you! Think about it. You walk around IN this body, literally pushing it around by your own free-will and it serves you so well — without you even thinking about it! How can that be? When you were created, you were given all the blueprints, intelligence, tools, and systems to live a Healthy, Active, Vital….Full Life! As long as you were fed, cared for, and the Intelligence of Life flowed through you without interference — you were healthy. You were born to be healthy! Unfortunately, your health, your Innate Intelligence, can be interfered with.  As Deepak Chopra, M.D., has discovered, “All disease results from the disruption of the flow of intelligence.” Palmer Chiropractic removes this interference when it happens in the spine (Interference = A Vertebral Subluxation)* so you can express your natural health potential throughout life!

* Vertebral Subluxation: A Hard Bone Out of Place crushing a Soft Nerve the consistency of cooked spaghetti.

The Birth Process

The birth process can be very traumatic on the spine. Drugs administered during labor, unnatural birthing positions, pulling and twisting of the baby, and invasive procedures like forceps, vacuum extraction and C-section can cause overwhelming stress to your baby’s spine resulting in Subluxations* that interfere with the normal communication (nerve transmission) between the brain and body. Immediate health problems can result causing pain, childhood sickness and “dis-ease”, or problems may lie dormant, only to show up years down the road as Chronic Health Concerns. Palmer Chiropractic is the best in the world — it is also gentle, safe and important for infants and babies so they can express their full health potential!

* Subluxation: A hard bone, out of place, crushing a soft nerve which is the consistency of cooked spaghetti.

Children and Teens

Children Live Active and Energetic Lives. As every parent knows, their playfulness, experimentation, and testing of limits can provide ample opportunity for spinal injuries known as “Subluxations”.  How many times does a child who is learning to walk fall on their bottom? These spinal subluxations can interfere with the natural, normal developement of your child’s spine, immunity, strength, stamina and spirit. As they grow into teens, your children;’s need for emotional understanding and support will increase as well as their need for excellent physical and mental health. Hormonal changes will begin to take place that will be regulated by the brain and Central Nervous System. Keeping that system Healthy and Subluxation-Free will be essential in avoiding chemical imbalance and the rise of health issues now and in the future!

Moms and Dads

As a Mother, beginning a new family will usher in the greatest joys you will ever experience in your life, along with some important new health challenges. Pregnancy, childbirth and the constant caring for your new “miracle” can pose tremendous physical, chemical and emotional stress on new mothers! For the new father, it is not unusual to experience increased challenges in the areas of finance, work and personal relationships that can diminish their health. Fortunately, regular Palmer Chiropractic Care which specializes in the Brain Stem, 402 million nerves that control everything — including heart and lungs, can help every family member thrive throughout this and every other phase of life, by helping them stay healthy and be their best.

Grandparents and Seniors

Will you join the nursing home generation growing old with limiting pain, sickness and degeneration, or will you live an Active, Vital and Alive Life — healthy and enjoyable during your “Golden Years”? The choices you make today, will most certainly influence your future. Healthy spines lead to healthy muscles, organs and systems in your body which are critical for good health and increased longevity. That is why millions of people, regardless of their age, are discovering NEW LIFE: Palmer Chiropractic Care and Holistic Blood Balancing.

Stay Well Adjusted, Get Your Blood Checked and Keep in Touch.

— Dr. Melville



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