Cancer: CoQ-10 For Melanoma

In a non-randomized trial of 32 patients with surgically removed melanoma (stage I or II), 400 mg/day of CoQ10 was administered for 3 years, while 49 age and sex matched patients with stage I or II melanoma served as controls. Throughout the trial, all patients received recombinant interferon alpha-2b. After 5 years, metastases had occurred in 26.5% of patients in the control group and in 3.1% of those receiving CoQ10 (p=0.006).
 Dr. Alan Gaby comments: “CoQ10 has demonstrated anti-cancer effects in animal studies and preliminary human trials. CoQ10 levels have been found to be low in patients with melanoma. The results of the present study suggest that supplementation with CoQ10 as an adjunct to interferon alpha-2b can decrease the rate of metastases in patients with stage I or II melanoma. — Townsend Letter, January 2008
 (More research is needed. Could this also affect other cancers?)   







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