Chiropractic: The Foundation of Your Health

Hard Bones crushing Soft Nerves the consistency of cooked spaghetti: There is no contest! Bones win. Nerves lose.

The Big Picture 1: Bones Out of Place –> Crush Soft Nerves –> Constrict Blood Vessels –> Less Blood To Organs –> Less Nutrition to Organs –> Ill Health, Decreased Vitality, Early Death.

The Big Picture 2: Bones Out of Place –> Crush Soft Nerves –> Spasms Muscles Around Joints –> Joint Jammed Bone on Bone –> Arthritis –> Early Debilitation, Feeling “Old”, Joint replacement Surgery (All Unecessary).

You brain cannot now communicate with and direct traffic to the joints and organs.

You can fill the body with all kinds of nutrients. However, If you have this situation going on inside your body, NOTHING WILL BE NORMAL. This is the Foundation of Health.

I see tremendously well-built body-builders and I take X-rays of them and they are all rotten inside with spinal decay. They think because they do not have pain, they are “OK”. This is not health. I also find because of the crushing of the nerves by the bones out of place for such a long time without correction, the blood vessels are constricted to a narrow diameter and less nutrtion and electricity is getting to their organs. In general: This why they have to Pump themselves up all the time with super nutrients and if they do not, they run down their batteries quickly. They have very little endurance. They cannot run a mile or two.

You CANNOT have a High-Performance race car with a rusty electrical system. It just isn’t going to happen.


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