Chiropractic: Spinal Health & Degeneration: YOUR AMAZING BODY

Health Comes From Within. Your Body Has an Innate Intelligence Made Up Of:

  • 100 Billion Brain Neurons
  • 100 Trillion Bits of Storage
  • 45 miles of Nerves
  • Disc Regeneration is Possible with Palmer Chiropractic! (Abstract, O.J. Ressel, BSc, D.C.)
  • Your Brain Is Able To Renew Its Cells (Neurons) Even in Adulthood! (Dr. Fred Gage, Salk Institute)

Subluxation / Interference (A Hard Bone out of Place Crushing a Soft Nerve the Consistency of Cooked Spaghetti — No Contest. Nerve Loses)

  • The Weight of a Dime (8 mm Pressure) can reduce your body’s nerve function. (University of Colorado study, 1999)
  • The stretching of a Nerve as Little as 6% can decrease the strength impulse by as much as 70% ( The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, 1999)
  • Nerve Compression Can Occur Without Pain
  • Within two weeks, Irreversible Damage can begin. How many 2 Weeks Will You and Your Family Allow to Let Go By? (Dr. T. Videman, Institute of Occupational Health)

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