NEW LIFE CARE versus Medical Treatment



1. Nerve and Natural Blood Based Care.

2. Corrects Causes.

3. Offers Health and Preventive Care.

4. Prescribes Natural Supplements and makes Adjustments to remove Bones Out of Place crushing Soft Nerves –>  Takes pressure off of the nerves so they do not spasm the arteries –> Opens arteries up –> Increasing blood flow to the organs.  –> Increased Nutrients and Oxygen to organs.

5.  Sees Whole Person.      

6. Produces Positive Effects.

7. Helps Resist Germs.

8. Revives Organs.

9. Natural.

10. Safe.



1. Blood based only.

2. Treats symptoms.

3. Renders sickness care.

4. Prescribes drugs.

5. Sees body as parts.

6. Causes Side-Effects.

7. Threatened by germs.

8. Removes organs after it is too late due to no prevention and damaging drugs.

9. Artificial.

10. Risky.





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