So…You Want Good Health?

Want Good Health? Think Spine

 I hear all the time about patients saying they want to come in and make sure their “Back Feels Good”. This is fine, HOWEVER, are you aware that your precious, precious spinal cord lies inside of this spine for protection and without it you could not live for a nanosecond? Yes – Consider this:

 You Can Live:

  • 3 weeks without food.
  • 3 days without water.
  • 3 minutes without air.
  • BUT you cannot not live 3 nanoseconds without the spinal cord going to EVERYTHING, heart and lungs, etc. IF, you cut the spinal cord off – you fall to the ground instantly, dead. Still think Chiropractic is a “neck-back feel-good thingy?”

 Yes, we all like to ‘feel good” with no aches and pains………….however you must, must, must realize the importance of your spinal cord connected to your brain which “Directs Traffic” to all organs, all joints.

 Your spine is just not in your body hanging out there dangling in space inside you all by itself just so “You can stand up straight”.

 The spinal cord is protected INSIDE of the bones of the spine FOR A REASON. Creator put it in there because it is delicate and precious and can be injured easily. You must care for it.

  •  Do you realize that if the nerves going to your lungs are being crushed by Bones Out of Place in your neck and mid-back – you now cannot take a full deep breath?
  • Do you realize that your ability to live a long life is directly proportional to your ability to take a dep breath?
  • Shallow breath = Short Life.
  • Deep Breath = Long Life.

 This is just one example. Your organs need electricity and blood flow to function. The nerves control blood flow by opening or constricting the blood vessels. IF the nerves, which are the consistency of cooked spaghetti, are being crushed by a “Bone Out of Place” in the spine somewhere – the first thing that happens is spasm of that blood vessel – constriction = less blood to the organ. 

 So…why am I telling you this? Because I feel the WORST thing that the medical establishment has done to you over the last 100 years is make you believe (“Make Believe”) that everything is separate in your body, nothing depends on another, when the opposite is the TruthEverything is Connected.

 Yes, your blood is important and we deal with that here at NEW LIFE – natural treatment via lab tests, just like anywhere else. However, my dear friends — you cannot ignore the OTHER primary factor of your health – your electrical system! My goodness, who did that to you? Who made you “Make believe” that way?

It is a shame, a crime, a criminal act to sell you drugs with devastating side-effects FOR EVERYTHIG. Drugs belong in the emergency room – ONLY!

You CANNOT have a high-performance race car with a rusty electrical system. Folks, “It just ain’t gonna happen”.

For….as you will see in my upcoming Newsletter, the truth about you is thus: 

“You Are a Bio-Electric Sensing Machine”.

 P.S. Stay Well, Adjusted, Balance Your Blood Naturally and Keep in Touch

 Dr. Melville


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