Survive The Downturn

Stress & Anxiety have made people more susceptible to heart disease, Diabetes & other serious health threats. Here is how you can fight back.

The urgency of a downturn may, in fact, be the best opportunity to adopt changes that will pay off even more when things turn up again.

 Bernie Thompson: (Software Engineering) “Get Lean to Survive the Downturn.” —  Focus on priorities during a downturn and basically that the right things to do before are the right things to do now.

…to steer the corporate ship to account for the increased external risk and uncertainty:

  1. Re-prioritize to focus on the highest probability, nearest term revenue opportunities.
  2. Cut spending to preserve cash.
  3. Look carefully for unique opportunities in the surrounding turmoil.

 Now is a great time to continue to improve how you operate and to re-invest in the future. Sure, increase focus and tighten up on discretionary spending (both are part of being lean,) but keep delivering the fundamentals while improving on the key differentiators. And stay on the look-out for opportunities that may only be available in these more unsettled times. Oh, and don’t forget to surround yourself with positive people and turn off CNBC. Let’s stop the prophecy in its tracks. I’m not sure the downturn has to affect the broader economy like it did Wall Street. Get out there and keep improving.”

From “The Diamond Principles” — “The real truth of it is that many businesses panic in a recession. The pressure is tough, and lots of business owners stop selling, they slow down and basically retreat into the downturn. This ebook will show you how to implement my proven strategies – you’ll confidently recession proof your business and ride out the downturn.”

“Coal face case studies to recession proof your business & survive a downturn really helped me to stop panicking and now my company is strong again”
S. Croasdale, Swan Logisitics.

Denton uses real case studies and real experience to clearly explain how you can start surviving. This unique insight makes this first Diamond Principles ebook unmissable. Reading this ebook you’ll learn to make hard tough choices easily, you’ll realise you are not alone, you’ll develop your management and personal skills and recession proof your business.

When you buy this ebook, you’ll also receive two mini ebooks completely FREE. Contact them at


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