A $10.00 Standing Offer

Come in for a thorough Consultation with the Doctor plus you receive 2 Computerized Scans of your spine from the neck to the low bak and pelvis. These will show where there is Soft Tissue and Nerve Damage. Plus an analysis of our State of the Art Health Questionnaire.

All for only $10.00. No obligation. Get a head start on your health and get some facts to make an intelligent decision.


  1. Complete Consultation with the Doctor.
  2. 250 Patient Diagnostic Questionnaire Health Analysis.
  3. 2 Computerized Scans * of your spine from your neck all the way to your pelvis. This shows where there is Soft Tissue and Nerve damage.
  4. Colour Bar Graph Printouts of your Scans.
  5. An Printout explanation of the Scans to take home with you.

* These are the same Scans used by: The Mayo Clinic, The Swedish Pain Institute, The University of California Irvine and several Chiropractic Colleges.


  • Internal Disorders
  • Bioclinical Nutrition
  • Environmental Allergies

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